Heated Products for Indoor & Outdoor

Comfortable & Eco-friendly
Stoov provides you with direct warmth, therefor you will not waste energy. This makes it a wonderful, comfortable and eco-friendly cushion that makes being outside possible even when it is a little chilly outside.

You can sit on it, or put it in your back. You activate the heating cushion by just one pinch at the powerbutten. The same button is used for adjusting the heat. There are 3 heat settings so you can be as warm and comfortable as you wish. Also, when you are not sitting on the heating cushion, after a while it will turn off automatically. 

Stoov The One ECO can warm you for up to 4 hours and the PRO can warm you for up to 8 hours depending on the heat setting you choose.

Stoov The One is the most comfortable heating cushion for at home, in your garden on the patio, on your boat or for when you're going out for a picknick. A separate charger is included.